Don’t Go Into the Courtroom Alone

Don’t Go Into the Courtroom Alone

Retain a criminal defense attorney in Walden, NY

Have you been arrested? Not sure what happens next? Don’t panic – find your footing with Catherine I. Lee. For over 17 years, Catherine I. Lee has offered criminal defense in Orange, Duchess and Ulster counties. If you’ve found yourself in handcuffs, call a trusted attorney for your criminal case in the Walden, New York area.

Don’t let your arrest change your life

Catherine I. Lee works on felony and misdemeanor cases. No matter the severity of your charges, Catherine I. Lee will hear you out on your case. Attorney Lee helps those in need of a DWI defense attorney in Walden, NY and the surrounding area. Don’t hesitate to call, however, if you’ve been charged with:

  • Assault/Battery
  • Theft or trespassing
  • Drug possession
  • Burglary

Catherine I. Lee will fight for your rights to protect your freedom. Contact Catherine I. Lee if you’re searching for a top-quality criminal lawyer in Walden, New York.